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PK Campus - 1811 S. Hampton Rd. | Dallas, TX 75208 | 214-331-8908

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Career Exploration is offered in combination with Technology Applications to all 7th grade students. In this course, students are introduced to career clusters, including but not limited to career options within each cluster, roles and responsibilities, and education and/or preparation requirements. Students are given the opportunity to explore careers through the Career Cruising online curriculum.

Professional Communication is offered to 8th grade students pursuing admission to high schools of choice. Students must be on track to meet the qualification requirements for available schools of choice in the metroplex. The course includes public speaking, multimedia presentations, and portfolio preparation as well as research on institutions of higher learning. Through a collaborative effort between the middle school counselor, the course teacher, and the campus principal, students enrolled in the course will receive assistance in the application process for schools of choice.

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