• Lorraine Mantei

    Superintendent & Co-founder

    Lorraine Mantei


    B.S. in Marketing (University of Southern Indiana)

    M.Ed. in Educational Administration (Texas A & M-Commerce)

    Texas Educator Certification:

    Mid-Management Administrator PK-12th

    Elementary Self-Contained 1st-8th

    Generic Special Education PK-12th

    Theatre EC-12th

    Lorraine Mantei is a public educator who is committed to the students of Dallas. She taught for 8 years in the Dallas Metropolitan Area in a variety of classroom settings. Her teaching background ranges from a self-contained special education classroom to a departmentalized sixth grade setting.

    For nearly seventeen years, Lorraine has worked as an administrator in the North Oak Cliff Area of Dallas, first with Dallas ISD and then as superintendent of La Academia de Estrellas.

    As the co-founder of La Academia de Estrellas, Lorraine played a pivotal role through the charter application process. As co-author of the charter application, she has detailed knowledge of the programs set forth in the charter, giving her a distinct advantage through the start-up phase and as the school has grown. Her wide range of experiences and her expertise make her particularly well suited for the role as the Superintendent of La Academia de Estrellas.

    Lorraine loves spending time with her family, especially her three beautiful grandchildren. Some weekends you may find her on stage performing in local community theatre productions.

  • Richard Tuck

    CFO/Business Manager & Co-founder

    Title IX Coordinator


    Richard Tuck



    B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Duke University)

    M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Rutgers University)

    Master’s of Business Administration (Southern Methodist University)


    Richard brings a strong business background, with an MBA from SMU, to his work as La Academia de Estrellas Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager. He co-authored the original charter with Lorraine and together they founded the school in August of 2006. He has been the CFO for LAE since its incorporation back in 2003 but began his official employment with the school in January 2009. As the school's CFO, Richard manages the school business office, overseeing finance, accounting, and human resources.


    Richard is a staunch supporter of the athletic program at La Academia de Estrellas, and you’ll often find him pacing the sidelines or quietly cheering from the stands.

Charter Administration

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Financial Information

Student achievement is our highest priority at La Academia de Estrellas. This requires spending our state, federal and local funds wisely and saving a reasonable amount for unforeseen circumstances and for expansion. We pay our staff competitively because we want to attract and retain the most qualified and proven employees. Staff expenses typically make up 70-75% of our costs. The remaining expenses include rent, instructional and maintenance supplies, field trips (a key part of our program), and a myriad of other services and supplies.

Financial Documentation

Academic Accountability

Here you will find all the official academic accountability documentation for La Academia de Estrellas

Academic Accountability Documentation


Whenever I’m asked why I wanted to start a charter school, the answer is always the same—because I wanted to make a difference!

I’ll never forget the day when, as an assistant principal in Dallas ISD, I had two 4th grade students tell me they had never been inside an elevator. I was shocked to learn that despite living in a city filled with skyscrapers, these students had never been in an elevator.

Later the same year, after experiencing the frustration that comes from working in a large school district, I decided that I definitely needed to do something different, something better, where students’ needs were always a priority. When I suggested to my husband that we apply for a charter school, he casually remarked: “we can look into it.” And so began our journey to bring La Academia de Estrellas to life.

While the journey began that day, our dream wasn’t fully realized until we opened our doors on August 14, 2006, serving 170 students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. The school operated inside of Cliff Temple Baptist Church for several years, adding an additional grade level each year until we had students from PK 3 to 8th grade.

Now, nearly thirteen years later, this labor of love continues inside two buildings owned by the school. Our ECC campus, located at Hampton and Wright, houses approximately 250 students in PK 3 and PK 4 half-day classes. The Kiest campus houses approximately 850 students in Kinder through 8th grade in a two-story structure with large windows, a community-built playground and an interior courtyard.

But more important than the buildings is what happens here. Teachers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that students are engaged in their own learning each and every day. Students have opportunities to learn outside the school walls when they embark on numerous field trips each year, fully funded by the school. Community service projects afford students the opportunity to serve others. Combined, our students and staff complete around 20 service projects each year, benefiting a number of families and organizations!

As the co-founder and superintendent of La Academia de Estrellas Charter School, I am proud to lead an amazing group of dedicated teachers and staff as we work together to fulfill our mission of creating life-long learners.


Pre-K Campus - 1811 S. Hampton Rd. | Dallas, TX 75208 | 214-331-8908 K
Kiest Campus(K-8) - 4680 W. Kiest Blvd. | Dallas, TX 75236 | 214-946-8908